Vintage Fendi Gunmetal / Red Glasses - New old Stock Frames

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Vintage Fendi Gunmetal / Red Glasses - New old Stock Frames - Model VL 7154 , Color 568

Still fresh in the bag! If you have the option, make sure to watch the video to see the true beauty of these glasses.

Boxes and boxes of these old frames were uncovered at an old optometrists house, and now they can be on your face! If you want the sexy librarian look, these are definitely for you.

They have the demo lenses in them still (some of which are slightly scratched), so you will need to have them swapped out by your optometrist, but this will more than likely be more affordable than buying new frames, which aren't nearly as cool! You also have the option of making them in to sunglasses which is a fun idea too.

These glasses were made in Italy, when Fendi still produced their eyewear in house, so you know it's quality! They are made of metal, so you can adjust and fit them to your head no problem.

Please see the last photo for measurement guidelines:
1) 131mm / 5.125"
2) 28mm / 1.125"
3) 27mm / 1.1"
4) 18mm / 0.7" (bridge width)
5) 50mm / 1.9" (lens width)
6) 135mm / 5.3" (temple length)

Note that these do not come with a case, but will come in the original bag. Please send me a message if you have any questions!